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Paul Anthony of Full Force

With almost 30 years in the entertainment business, Paul Anthony is a member of the legendary and Grammy award winning  R&B Hip Hop group Full Force.  Paul Anthony formed the group along with his brothers Lou George Jr. (Bowlegged Lou) and Brian George (B-Fine) as well as with cousins Gerard Charles (Baby Gerry),  Curtis Bedeau […]

Jim Morris 1935-2016

We are grateful to have known and embraced Mr. Jim Morris. Rest in peace my friend. This photo of Jim surrounded by his friends was taken on the day Jim received the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Award May 29, 2015.

IRBO! I’d rather be outside! Oak Creek Corral!

On a couple of chilly winter days in Southern California, FREEPLAY had the privilege of filming a segment on Oak Creek Corral and their Horse to Heart Program.  This very special program, developed by ranch owner Tracy Boldroff, was created to get kids up, moving and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors by pairing them […]


Making Tomorrow Better™ and celebrating the opening of DuVal High School’s new gym. FREEPLAY®’s Bruce Ebel, DuVal’s Athletic Director Jason Mattern, DuVal Principal Mark Covington and FREEPLAY®’s Brian Griffin.


Legendary Red Lerille joined Joe’s Ajax Gym in New Orleans in 1952.  Joe told Red he could be Mr. America. Red wrote down his goal, worked hard and became Mr. America in 1960.  Red also admired that Joe did something new to improve his gym every month and later adopted the habit when he opened […]

Nebraska’s Big Win

Nebraska Football – Celebrate the winning moment. Nov. 7, 2015  Nebraska Cornhuskers beat Michigan 39-38. From the sidelines and into the action. Celebrate with the Nebraska players upon their victory.  FreePlay Film’s Greg Byers captures the action and excitement.   Here is some footage of the Nebraska game that you have not seen, Freeplay was […]


Red Lerille’s Health and Racquet Club, established in 1963, is the South’s largest and most complete health club. Red’s covers 20 acres and includes 195,000 sq. ft. Legendary Red Lerille joined Joe’s Ajax Gym in New Orleans in 1952.  Joe told Red he could be Mr. America. Red wrote down his goal, worked hard and […]


Found by the railroad with a broken leg. Taken in by Joe Gold. Adopted by Jim Morris in 2004. Go to your local shelter. Rescue a furry friend.


Cast and crew sent this in to show some behind the scenes footage of Mr. America 2015 Rochester NY. Have a quick peak into the background as the cast and crew make sure everything is in place.


FREEPLAY rides FiiK skateboards. Put destiny in your hands and your feet on a FiiK. FiiK Skateboards have combined outright power and range, with lusty agility. Created primarily for explorers and superheroes. Gliding over grass, cruising hard beach sand, or blasting pavement, you’ll have the wind in your face. Control… acceleration… speed. Get your feet […]

Beautiful Footage!

  I tried to do a little surfing last weekend. I tried. If you love the sport then you should definitely give this a view. Filmed by Eric Sterman & Brent Bielmann, Produced by Peter Taras & edited by Sean Benik for Surfer Magazine. This has got to be one of the most beautiful films […]

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