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With almost 30 years in the entertainment business, Paul Anthony is a member of the legendary and Grammy award winning  R&B Hip Hop group Full Force.  Paul Anthony formed the group along with his brothers Lou George Jr. (Bowlegged Lou) and Brian George (B-Fine) as well as with cousins Gerard Charles (Baby Gerry),  Curtis Bedeau (Curt-t-t) and J.R. Clarke (Shy Shy).  Paul Anthony is  a producer, songwriter, and vocalist who has worked with entertainers such as Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, James Brown, Black Eyed Peas, Bob Dylan, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Selena, Nicki Minaj and Patti Labelle. Paul Anthony has also starred in the urban classic films “House Party”, “House Party 2” and “Krush Groove”.  Throughout his career, Paul Anthony has maintained a healthy lifestyle because of his commitment to fitness, body building and keeping a positive attitude.


(above with Frank Zane)

With all of Paul Anthony’s musical, acting and body building skills, he still wasn’t immune to a molecular invasion that he is currently using to bring awareness to a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Paul Anthony is one of many “Cancer Champions” who has battled Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  Paul Anthony explains how he found out that he has the disease:

“I was in the gym training and my training partner saw a small lump in my neck.  He thought it was unusual and suggested that I get checked out.  I didn’t feel anything, which is pretty normal with this disease.  I went to the doctor and had a FNA (fine needle aspiration).  During the biopsy procedure they removed fluid and tested it.  The biopsy was conclusive and there still is no cure for this disease.”

Shortly after diagnosis, Paul Anthony developed a plan of attack.  He canvassed cancer treatment centers and interviewed several world renowned physicians before deciding to begin treatment with Dr. Paul A. Hamlin.  Making the right choice was easy for Paul Anthony and the irony of him and his doctor sharing the same name came up it only served as confirmation of his decision.

Six months of intense chemotherapy followed Paul Anthony’s diagnosis.  During treatment Paul Anthony maintained his fitness regiment despite the rigorous treatments.  Paul Anthony believes that implementing healthy lifestyle choices, spirituality and mental focus and a few of the most important defenses in combating illness and maintaining a healthy life.


(above with Bruce Ebel)

Paul Anthony is currently in remission.  He feels fortunate that his brother, Lou George Jr., better known by his stage name Bowlegged Lou, is a direct match for him should there be a need for a blood donor.  The success rate for such an operation is now 98-99%.  True to his public persona, Paul Anthony is living life to the fullest.  Throughout the whole process he never stopped to question why he was faced with this challenge.

Paul Anthony David Bowie

(above with David Bowie)


(above with Bruce Springsteen)

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Paul Anthony with Bruce Ebel. Largo MD.


For more on Paul Anthony and how to live life to it’s fullest visit or visit The Paul Anthony Foundation facebook page here.

Jim Morris 1935-2016

We are grateful to have known and embraced Mr. Jim Morris. Rest in peace my friend. This photo of Jim surrounded by his friends was taken on the day Jim received the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Award May 29, 2015.

Jim Morris

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IRBO! I’d rather be outside! Oak Creek Corral!

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On a couple of chilly winter days in Southern California, FREEPLAY had the privilege of filming a segment on Oak Creek Corral and their Horse to Heart Program.  This very special program, developed by ranch owner Tracy Boldroff, was created to get kids up, moving and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors by pairing them with rescued horses and teaching them horsemanship.

Tracy fell in love with the outdoors when she was a child visiting her Grandfather at Ronald Reagan’s ranch in Malibu, California, where he was foreman.  She understood the positive impact of becoming close to nature and wanted to share that gift with children.  Tracy has since paired over thirty-five horses and kids over the years and doesn’t have any plans of slowing down.  “We’ve seen a lot of results where the relationship with being outside and having the activity with the horses be a positive in all aspects of their life.” say’s Boldroff.

IRBO-Oak_Creek_The_kids_of_Oak_Creek_Corral IRBO_Oak_Creek_Tracy_Boldroff_Intv_Camera_John_Armstrong_Sound_Steven_Goat_Hitselberger

The Horse to Heart kids are a special group.  They are accomplished horseback riders that give 100% no matter if it is competing in events like barrel racing or simply caring for their 4-legged best friends.  They are fun, fearless and always looking for adventure at the ranch, be it riding or an impromptu high jump contest in the ranch’s arena.   One Horse to Heart rider, Abigail Lippert (age 10), says it best…” If your inside you’re never gonna get really fresh air and you’re never really going to experience life.”

IRBO_Oak_Creek_Vanessa_Eden_Ariana_waiting_for_next_shot IRBO_Oak_Creek_Sable_getting_Esparanza_Ready_for_his_close_up

Thank you Tracy and the Horse to Heart kids for an amazing two days of fun in the crisp California sun!  Catch their story in April onFreePlay TV! Go like the facebook page HERE

IRBO_Oak_Creek_Riders_Emma_Maddie_Jenna_Sable IRBO_Oak_Creek_PA_Joseph_Flannery_and_Sound_Steven_Goat_Hitselberger IRBO_Oak_Creek_Eden_and_Bailey

Stay tuned! We will be hearing more from Oak Creek Corral and their Horse to Heart Program. Do you love horses? I love horses!

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Making Tomorrow Better™ and celebrating the opening of DuVal High School’s new gym. FREEPLAY®’s Bruce Ebel, DuVal’s Athletic Director Jason Mattern, DuVal Principal Mark Covington and FREEPLAY®’s Brian Griffin.

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Legendary Red Lerille joined Joe’s Ajax Gym in New Orleans in 1952.  Joe told Red he could be
Mr. America. Red wrote down his goal, worked hard and became Mr. America in 1960.  Red also admired that Joe did something new to improve his gym every month and later adopted the habit when he opened a 4000 sf Red’s in 1963 in Lafayette, LA. Red has made 1 improvement every month for the last 624 months in a row and counting.
Red’s is now 195,000 sf, covering 20 acres.

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Nebraska’s Big Win

Nebraska Football – Celebrate the winning moment.
Nov. 7, 2015  Nebraska Cornhuskers beat Michigan 39-38. From the sidelines and into the action. Celebrate with the Nebraska players upon their victory.  FreePlay Film’s Greg Byers captures the action and excitement.

Here is some footage of the Nebraska game that you have not seen, Freeplay was there! Kent Stevens, Bruce Ebel and Boyd Epley.
University of Nebraska was about to play undefeated Michigan State for a 39-38 upset win.    We spent most of the day interviewing Boyd, the NCAA’s first paid strength coach as part  of the Freeplay Project.  Boyd was hired by Tom Osborne and Bob Devany in 1969 and significantly contributed to all  5 National Championship Teams.   I felt like we helped rumble up the ghosts of the past during the day and were lucky to witness a game for the ages.  The Huskers paid proper tribute to their storied past with a magical night at Memorial Stadium.  An instant classic.

Bruce Ebel interviews Boyd Epley.


Cornhuskers.  The Greatest fans in college football.
Cornhusker fans release balloons after Nebraska’s first touchdown against Michigan State beginning their march towards their 39-38 victory on Nov. 7, 2015.

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reds 2 (1 of 1)
Red Lerille’s Health and Racquet Club, established in 1963, is the South’s largest and most complete health club. Red’s covers 20 acres and includes 195,000 sq. ft.

Legendary Red Lerille joined Joe’s Ajax Gym in New Orleans in 1952.  Joe told Red he could be
Mr. America. Red wrote down his goal, worked hard and became Mr. America in 1960.  Red also admired that Joe did something new to improve his gym every month and later adopted the habit when he opened a 4000 sf Red’s in 1963 in Lafayette, LA. Red has made 1 improvement every month for the last 624 months in a row and counting.
Red’s is now 195,000 sf, covering 20 acres.

That’s pretty amazing.

Red is an inspiration and is part of our Make Tomorrow Better™ campaign. Stay tuned for more about Red as we move forward. Check out “Red’s” here.

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Found by the railroad with a broken leg.
Taken in by Joe Gold. Adopted by Jim Morris in 2004. Go to your local shelter. Rescue a furry friend.

hope (1 of 1)

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Cast and crew sent this in to show some behind the scenes footage of Mr. America 2015 Rochester NY. Have a quick peak into the background as the cast and crew make sure everything is in place.

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FREEPLAY rides FiiK skateboards. Put destiny in your hands and your feet on a FiiK. FiiK Skateboards have combined outright power and range, with lusty agility. Created primarily for explorers and superheroes. Gliding over grass, cruising hard beach sand, or blasting pavement, you’ll have the wind in your face. Control… acceleration… speed. Get your feet on.

Beautiful Footage!

I tried to do a little surfing last weekend. I tried. If you love the sport then you should definitely give this a view. Filmed by Eric Sterman & Brent Bielmann, Produced by Peter Taras & edited by Sean Benik for Surfer Magazine. This has got to be one of the most beautiful films of the sport I have ever seen.
Head on over to Surfing Magazine’s Vimeo page for more spectacular footage

You’ve heard it before, take the time and do it right.

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